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Beer and Food Pairings

R.S. Taylor & Sons - Tuesday, July 19, 2016

There's nothing like a nice cold beer with your dinner, especially in the summer! The question is, what kind of beer goes best with your meal or snack of choice?

Pair... With... Our Suggestion:
Beans & Legumes malty & sweet Willie's Nut Brown Ale
Game birds (such as ducks) & Grains hoppy & bitter Sticky Fingers IPA/APA
Grilled Vegetables dark & roasty Coffee Porter
Braised Meats malty & sweet Black Creek Oatmeal Stout

You’ve probably heard of cheese and wine pairings, but what about cheese and beer? There are some great pairings in this category, as well!

Pair... With... Our Suggestion:
Gouda malty & sweet Willie's Nut Brown Ale
Aged Cheddar hoppy & bitter Burton Style IPA (Burton Snatch)
Blue dark & roasty Coffee Porter
Mozzarella clean & crisp Amber Ale

Come in today and find the next beer you want to pair with your favorite meal!