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Is Dark Beer Good For Your Health?

R.S. Taylor & Sons - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Not only does beer taste good, it actually comes with some surprising health benefits! Overall, beer consumption has been linked to heavy amounts of B vitamins, as well as reducing the risk of kidney stones. Dark beer, including stouts, porters, and brown ales, have additional nutritional values to them that can benefit drinkers when consumed moderately, they include:

Fiber: One of the benefits of dark beer is the amount of fiber that they provide. Fiber can help reduce cholesterol levels, improve heart health, and aid in achieving a healthy weight.

Iron: Dark beer is also packed with iron, which is likely a result from the malt and hops used in their production. Iron is critical, as it helps carry oxygen in the blood and regulates cell growth.

So is dark beer good for you? Many Americans do not get the recommended daily amount of fiber and iron, so it certainly can’t hurt to have a dark beer now and then!

Try one of R.S. Taylor & Sons dark beers next time you come in for a visit!