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Why Are There Seasonal Beers?

R.S. Taylor & Sons - Tuesday, July 26, 2016

With each season comes a beer with a unique flavor that is available for a limited time only. How did this come to be?

Typically, you have your summer ales, and winter lagers. This is because back before the days of refrigeration, it was not easy to preserve barley and hops, and breweries simply had to make their beers with what they had available to them. After harvesting, barley was used during brewing in the fall and winter to make a dark, malty beer. The cold temperatures of winter made it possible to store these darker, stronger beers.

When spring and summer rolled around, breweries had to make do with what barley and hops they had left over from the previous year’s harvest, creating a lighter beer in a quicker amount of time.

Although we now have the ability to store beers for longer and savor our preferred style of beer year-round, this tradition of seasonal beers persists. In the summer, beer drinkers tend to prefer a lighter beer that is refreshing and gives them the ability to cool down, without filling up. In the winter months, the darker and heavier beers are preferred as they are a more filling style of beer that gives off the sense that they are warming up their consumer.

Creating seasonal ales gives breweries a chance to play around with their flavors. It also gives consumers something to look forward to, as they know that when each season rolls around, they can expect to find many different and new varieties.

Don’t be shy – come in and see what seasonal beer(s) we have on tap now!